Book IDSubAuthorBook Name
PC-0018Physical ChemistryH. MetiuPhysical Chemistry: Statistical Mechanics
PC-0017Physical Chemistry Peter W. Atkins .Ronald S. Friedman Molecular Quantum Mechanics 4th Edition
OR-0016Organic ChemistryJie Jack LiName Reactions. A Collection of Detailed Reaction Mechanisms 4th Edition
IOR-0015Inorganic ChemistrySøren Prip Beier , Peter Dybdahl HedeEssentials of Chemistry
IOR-0014Inorganic ChemistryJ.D. LeeConcise Inorganic Chemistry (4th Edition)
IOR-0013InorganicGary L. Miessler, Donald A. TarrInorganic Chemistry 5th ed
OR-0012OrganicPaula Yurkanis BruiceEssential Organic Chemistry
OR-0011OrganicSeyhan N. EgeOrganic Chemistry: Structure and Reactivity
OR-0010OrganicEric V. Anslyn, Dennis A. DoughertyModern Physical Organic Chemistry
OR-0009OrganicWilliam Henry Brown, Thomas PoonIntroduction to Organic Chemistry
FO-0008FoundationsRobert BoyleThe Sceptical Chymist
OR-0007OrganicK. C. Nicolaou, Jason S. ChenClassics in Total Synthesis
OR-0006OrganicErnest L. ElielStereochemistry of Carbon Compounds
OR-0005OrganicRichard C. LarockComprehensive Organic Transformations
OR-0004OrganicPeter G. M. WutsGreene’s Protective Groups in Organic Synthesis, 5th Edition
OR-0003Organic E. J. Corey & Xue-Min ChengThe Logic of Chemical Synthesis 1st Edition
OR-0002OrganicAuthor: MarchOrganic Chemistry 11/e (Color Print)
OR-0001OrganicJerry MarchAdvanced Organic Chemistry 6/e

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