Student Industrial Internship programme

The students of the Department of Chemistry can avail the Industrial Internship from different training institutions located in the country. They need to apply those organizations through department channel with necessary forwarding letters and materials, pre-requisites for the training:


Different Training Institutions in Bangladesh for undergraduate and postgraduate program in Chemistry:

A. Training Institute for Chemical Industries (TICI)

A Center of Excellence for Industrial Technology & Specialized Technical Service


Contact: Executive Director, Training Institute for Chemical Industries
(Central Training Institute of BCIC)
P.O.- Sarkarkhana, Polash, Narsingdi-1611

Phone: +880 2 9466294 and +880 2 9352308 – 121, Fax: 880 2 9351226, 880 2 9466471

B. Graduate Training Institute (GTI)

Graduate Training Institute (GTI) is the apex training institution in the Graduate public research sector. The Graduate Training Institute (GTI) was established as an integral part of Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh in the year 1976. One of the main considerations for establishing the institute at the Agri-Varsity campus was to utilize the existing resources of the university.

Bangladesh Agricultural University
Mymensingh-2202, Bangladesh
Phone: (091)67401-6, 66016-18; FAX: +880-91-61510


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